Thursday, 16 May 2013

Update Before Round 2!

As I sit here prepping for Round 2 this morning...and from the indication of my phone alerts and Facebook messages over the last few weeks, I believe that an update on how I'm doing is in order.

Well, it's been 3 weeks since my first round of Chemo (R-CVP), and I have to say that, due to my husband's holistic plan, I'm feeling pretty darn good.

I thought that the days of treatment and the few after would be horrendous.  ALL medical staff really emphasize that you're going to be sick...sicker than you've ever been, so be be sick.  Which in some cases is very true, depending on the course of treatment you're put on.  There are many different kinds of chemo, many different people, and many different kinds of reactions and side effects.  So, my question is, if everyone reacts as an individual, why is there no individualized care?
I of course can only speak for myself.  During treatment I drank insane amounts of water, ate when I felt hungry (mostly sandwiches and Boost) and had the benefit of having acupuncture administered. (During and after treatment) Once back at the hotel, I drank some healthy shakes full of fruits/veggies/protein/immune boosters and zeolite.
My side effects were mild, some nausea (not constant), insomnia (due to all the pre/post-meds they had me on), headaches, mouth soreness/tenderness and light-headness (due to the post-meds).  My appetite comes and goes (starving to no thanks.)  All in all, not what I was told would happen.  I did crash for 2 days after finishing my course of Predinisone, but I quickly bounced back.

I spoke to my nurse during my follow up visit last week in Sudbury and she even asked me what I was doing.  She was happy to hear my plan and even informed me that my doctor was an advocate of chiropractic and acupuncture to complement the treatment plan.  (Although I would have never known it from him, as he's never in the room longer than 2 minutes. )  I told her about the supplements as well, and she told me just to stay away from high-dose Vitamin C, but otherwise to keep on course.  Seems to be working.
I can't tell you how many people over the last 3 weeks were surprised, amazed and inspired to see how good (I prefer the word awesome) I looked and how positive I am. And I'll tell you what I told them...I am not leaving my health and future in the hands of a severely flawed medical system.  My husband and I are empowering ourselves with our own knowledge and taking control.  And this blog is us sharing that knowledge with others going through the same thing.


  1. Monique Dunbrack16 May 2013 at 05:10

    My hero!!!
    P.S. I think you guys are pretty awesome...just don't tell my borhter ;)

  2. You are awesome. An inspiration to me really.

    That is all. Talk to you soon =)>