Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Solid Ground Part One

  Some of you may be wondering what I've been up to over the last few months, as I've been MIA.  Well, here's a catch up post.
  At the end of last summer I was approached by my Head Office to transfer with my job.  After being in my current location I jumped at the chance for a new adventure.  Mid November rolled around and I moved to Brampton ON, ready for a new lifestyle and new experiences.  I convinced myself that this was the breath of fresh air that would turn my life from something routine and nearly stagnant, to something exciting and positive.  Well, you know that old saying; be careful what you wish for...
  On Nov 15th I relocated and was suddenly bombarded by one thing after another.  What could go wrong, did.  On my moving date, there was a hidden "stair fee" and I had to dish out $500 cash before the movers would even load the truck.  Once we got there, my Head Office hadn't paid the movers yet, and we had to wait around in the cold (a few hours) until the assistant taking care of my case was back at her desk.
  Once I was finally moved in, I thought, "awesome, a great new place and a new life begins."  After all, what move ever goes without a hitch.
  As I settled in for a relaxing evening of reading in bed I noticed a bug on the wall.  I scooped it up and went back into bed.  Then...I noticed another, and another...and another.  I sprayed them with bleach and had a good look at them.  Yes, you guessed it.  BED BUGS!  Not impressed I spent the night spraying, collecting and freezing them as evidence for the management office.  Needless to say I did not get very much sleep that night.  Which was made all the more horrendous, by the fact that the next day I was starting my new job.
  The management office did as much as they could and put me up in a furnished suite until everything could get sorted out, and another apartment opened up.  They informed me that they had just taken over the building and were unaware of the problem.
  Now everyone and there mother seemed to have advice for me concerning this issue, and the general consensus was...sue.  I did contact a lawyer and she informed me I had a case, to recoup losses (I had to buy a new bed, sheets and so forth, rewash and repack all my belongings...etc.)  But, if you know me at all,  you know I don't believe that negative actions produce positive results.  So I dropped it.  They put me up, and did the best they could with a shitty situation and I was pleased in the end with the results. A few weeks later I managed to snap up a great 1 bedroom (which was slightly cheaper) on the 25th floor, with a sick city view.
  Now on top of all this, I was working full time during the holiday season, in retail, with a low performing store, with a brand new staff and huge fires to put out, pressure from above and realising that after 12 years in this field...I no longer liked my job.  In fact I kinda hated it.  I was no longer getting the satisfaction I once got from changing over a store.  My heart had left the building. 
  So now what?  I'm in a city, alone, where I hate my job, everything is twice the price from where I came, and I've incurred a nice little debt with all the moving and bug expenses.

Well, I definitely could have let the stress get to me, or I could let it go and leave it to faith/fate.  Which is exactly what I did.  And something amazing, mind blowing, life changing happened...

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